Pup Culture

M-F 6:30am to 6:30 pm
Closed Sat. & Sun.
2835 Orchard Lake Road
Keego Harbor, MI 48230

THE GOOD NEWS:   This winter was unseasonably warm.

THE BAD NEWS:       The lack of a good, long freeze means that fleas could be more of a problem than usual.

Make sure to use a good flea and tick preventative on your pet, and check them frequently for signs that they may be affected.


We are excited to announce our new partnership with Razzle Dazzle Grooming

Please join us in welcoming Laura and Chris to the family. They have been grooming together since 1993, and bring with them over 20 years experience.  As their current clients can already attest to, Laura and Chris do whatever it takes to give your pet the best haircut, shampoo or brush out, while giving you the guidelines to maintain a healthy, mat-free coat in between visits.  They know that each pet is an individual with different needs and health concerns, so they are always careful to work at a pace that allows your pet to adjust to each stage of grooming in order to keep him or her comfortable and safe at all times. Learn more about Laura and  Chris.

So, whether you’re looking for a place for Fido to play all day, need help teaching him to sit and stay, or just want him groomed a certain way, you’ll find everything you need at Pup Culture.


Classes Begin January 18,  2018 for

Puppies and Beginners

Graduation August 2, 2012

Graduation August 2, 2012

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