Is Fido looking a bit more like Fluffy these days?

Our grooming staff can make Fido look like a top dog in no time.

In fact, our facility includes a professionally equipped grooming and bathing area where we can do anything from simple shampoos, brush outs and toenail clips, to a complete “spa treatment.”

Hair Cut

Our groomers have years of experience with all breeds and combinations of breeds! Short summer cut? Trendy feather extensions? A quick trim for the holiday party? Whatever look you are going for, your pup is in good hands here.

Bath and Fluff Dry

Not only do our groomers use all-natural products to bathe your dog, we also provide a warm area and plenty of cozy towels to dry him before returning him to the play area.  And, because longer coated dogs require more drying time, they are hand-fluffed dry using a special low-heat dryer that won’t dry out their skin.

If your dog has special needs due to allergies, age or a skin condition, we also offer a variety of shampoo and conditioning therapy options. We are always happy to apply special shampoos and rinse products prescribed by your veterinarian.


For those of you who have been unfortunate enough to have a dog that has gotten skunked, you know how unpleasant it can be.  If your dog has a close encounter of the smelly kind, we can bathe him and apply a special de-skunking shampoo and non-toxic rinse.

* Please note that skunked dogs are welcome to attend daycare, but must receive a bath and de-skunking rinse for everyone’s comfort during the day.

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