­TRAINING STARTS June 15, 2017
Dog Obedience Training Classes:


Graduation August 2, 2012

Graduation August 2, 2012


After a few classes with us, of our clients do their “business” elsewhere…
At Pup Culture, we have over 60 years of combined obedience and behavioral training experience. From puppy, beginner and advanced obedience classes, to Therapy Dog certification sessions*, there is sure to be a class that suits your dog’s needs.

Our dog training methodologies come from the reward-based, positive reinforcement school of thought. Classes are meant to encourage stronger relationships, and to create happy, social and well-rounded dogs.

Our classes also teach you how to effectively communicate your expectations to your dog in a way that he can understand! Because let’s face it: communication is the key to all things – and that includes yours with your dog.

* Some previous sessions are required in order to be eligible for these classes.

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