Laura was hired as a shampoo person at Jill’s Klasy Klips in 1988, and was quickly promoted to a groomers’ assistant. In 1993, she purchased the shop, and promptly changed the name to Razzle Dazzle – a tribute to her beloved Yorkie, “Razzle.” Three years later, she moved the shop from Orchard Lake Road to Cass Lake Road in Keego Harbor, MI, where it remained for nearly 23 years. Realizing that she wanted to devote more of her time to grooming – and less to running a business – Laura decided to close up her physical shop and join forces with Pup Culture.

She is a huge dog lover, and has had the good fortune to share her life with many dogs, including: Razzle and Teetsie (Yorkies), Lewy and Scuzball (Brussels Griffons), and Stymie (an Affenpinsher). She currently has 4 Brussels Griffons – Pipsqueak, Mimosa, Tumbleweed and Sally Sue.

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